Thursday, June 3
Noon-1:15pm EST

Title: Linguistically and Culturally Responsive Research

Abstract: In this lunch session we will discuss our efforts to engage in work that (1) examines the role of language in the creation of social inequalities, (2) promotes linguistic and social justice, and (3) is respectful to and inclusive of the people with whom we work. We will consider the ways in which theoretical frameworks, methodologies, research designs, and dissemination practices shape our inquiry and our engagement with diverse collaborators and audiences.

Dr. Leslie C. Moore
Associate Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning
College of Education and Human Ecology
The Ohio State University

Dr. Leslie Moore headshot

Dr. Leslie Moore

Leslie C. Moore, PhD (she/her) is an Associate Professor of Foreign, Second and Multilingual Language Education and Language, Education and Society in the Department of Teaching and Learning, College of Education and Human Ecology, at The Ohio State University. Dr. Moore is an applied linguist and a linguistic anthropologist. Her research examines the social and cultural patterning of learning and language development in communities whose members use multiple languages and participate in multiple learning traditions. Dr. Moore has three overarching goals in studying children’s educational experiences and developmental trajectories as learners and users of multiple codes across contexts: (1) to expand and deepen our understanding of diverse community practices of language use, teaching, and learning and how they vary across time and space; (2) to contribute to the empirical and theoretical bases on which formal and informal education may be made more effective for children learning in an additional language or variety of a language by understanding and drawing upon the repertoires of practice they develop across multiple sites and activities; and (3) to participate in and contribute to the translation of research into educational practice. Her research in Ohio, Cameroon, and the Netherlands has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, and Fulbright. Dr. Moore is currently engaged in two projects: a study of informal science learning for dual language learners from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds (in collaboration with COSI, our local science center) and a study of adult assessments of Black children’s narrative language (with Dr. Monique Mills, Speech and Hearing Scientist, University of Houston).